4 Applications Of Glass Partitions In Hospitality

glass partition wall in hotel

Glass partitions are mostly used in the hospitality industry. They have many benefits once installed and hence they are very popular in hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and leisure centers. Here are 4 common areas where they are used:


glass partition wall in hotel

Hotel Glass Partitions

A hotel has a lot of areas where glass partitions can be used successfully to add value to the hotel. For instance, glass facets can be installed in the lobby and reception areas since they not only save a lot of space and also allow enough light to pass through.

Also, glass partitions are very flexible and hence you can easily change the entire layout of the lobby and reception area at a cheaper cost if you need to improve your hotel from time to time. In addition, glass walls are used to separate bedrooms and bathrooms because the glass is translucent and allows enough privacy and minimizes space wastage.

Wieserhut Design Hotel in Austria is an example of a hotel in Europe which has used glass walls to improve their hotel.

Restaurant Glass Partitions

Using glass partitions can maximize floor space in restaurants while still improving its overall appearance. With additional skills when installing glass walls can improve the brand of the corporate with additional colour themes.

Signatures restaurant in wales has used glass walls to improve its lighting and also separate its dining and bar areas to avoid people mixing up.

Glass Partitions In Bars And Night Clubs

Glass walls are very efficient in reducing sound by condensing it when entering in a different room. This is important because people can be able to communicate effectively or make urgent calls in some rooms when the need arises.

This feature makes glass walls common in nightclubs e.g. Thrive nightclub in Dallas which has successfully improved their lighting and sitting areas.

Leisure Center Glass Partitions

Natural light is a necessity in leisure areas to make the place look natural. Glass walls are excellent in allowing natural light through the wall creating a perfect atmosphere enabling for people to relax or exercise.

With these benefits, glass walls are used in most leisure areas e.g. changing rooms and cafes to improve their appearance and performance.

With all listed benefits, if you own a hotel, bar, nightclub or even a leisure center, you can use glass walls to improve and modernize your business.