Benefits of Land Clearing Services

If you have a piece of land you would like to use, but you first have to prepare it for construction, you should hire Houston Land Clearing to come to your aid. These experts will clear your property of obstacles like bushes, dirt, trees, rocks and other debris and plants that are in your way. By using professional equipment and heavy machinery such as chainsaws, backhoes, excavators and bulldozers, your piece of land will be cleared quickly and efficiently.  Some land clearing jobs are small, therefore, they don’t require hiring professional services. However, if you have a rather large piece of land you need to clean, you must seek professional assistance. As an average homeowner, you don’t have the proper equipment and tools to remove move large trees and big rocks from your property. So, if homeowners cannot do the job themselves, they will hire a professional land clearing company to do the job.

Cost of Land Clearing in Houston

The most popular land clearing services that homeowners use all across Texas are Hydro Ax Clearing Houston and Underbrush Clearing Houston. What actually will be removed depends on the type of clearing you require. If you want to remove everything and walk freely around your property, there will be a lot of work that won’t be cheap. However, if you want to ensure your property is safe from fire or if you want to restore some of the biodiversity on your land, you should opt for selective land clearing. That way, the experts you hire will remove only the debris and underbrush from your property, and they will leave all desirables trees and greenery. However, if you plan to use your piece of land for farmland or pasture, you will have to remove everything. The same goes if the property is used for residential or commercial building. Trees have to be removed, because the roots of the old trees can jeopardize the structural integrity of the building.

The actual cost for this project depends on the company you hire and what you need to clear out. Also, the price can change if your property is heavily or lightly wooded, grassy, brushy, flat and similar. According to the accessibility of the land and local regulations, your price might be higher or lower. Many companies charge an hourly rate. Here are same land clearing prices you should have in mind:

  • Average cost of removing few trees with lighter vegetation is $20 to $200 per acre
  • Average cost of clearing sloped land with few trees and overgrown brush is 500 to $2,000 per acre
  • Average costs of removing forested land is $3,000 to $6,00 or more per acre

Before you start with your project, have in mind that most states will require form you to have a permit to do land clearing. In some cases, the permit can be included in the approved building permit. A separate permit is charged around $50 to $200. You can opt for different types of land clearing depending n your needs, The most popular method are controlled burn, pushover and cut and grind.