Consequences of Drunk Driving

Many car owners will definitely agree that the main reason for refusing driving after a couple of glasses of wine is precautions because of also testers, fines and driving ban. In reality, apart from patrol services sanctions, alcohol is much more dangerous with its influence on the driver’s brain. More often this influence isn’t notable neither the driver himself/herself nor his/her passengers, however, it can remind itself in the worst moment.

Anna Quinn in her article from evidently shows all the negative consequences of being drunk while driving.

New Fairfield school nurse charged with drunk driving is on paid leave

NEW FAIRFIELD — A school nurse from Meeting House Hill School charged with driving under the influence while teenagers were in the car will remain on paid leave until her court case ends, school officials said.

The Board of Education held its second executive session on Thursday to discuss Sandra Diehl, 45, who police said was found intoxicated while parked on Old Route 22 in Patterson, N.Y. with three teenagers in the car.

Superintendent Alicia Roy confirmed last week that Diehl of New Fairfield is on a paid leave of absence from the school but would not disclose any other details. Continue reading here…

So, when the level of drunkenness is low – after a couple of glasses of vodka, a portion of whiskey or a glass of beer, when the alcohol dosage in blood is only 0.2-0.5 per mille, a person has an increased thirst to risky, aggressive driving, sharp maneuvers, thirst of speed. However, he/she cannot exactly detect the speed of other cars, for example, when out turning, turning, and turns, the accepting of volumes and dimensions of surrounding objects.

Beth Germano from in his article demonstrates the severeness of drunk driving.

Haverhill Police Officer On Paid Leave After 2nd OUI Arrest

HAVERHILL (CBS) – He’s a veteran Haverhill police officer, 60-year-old Francis Rogers now on the other side of the law.

He’s accused of drunk driving, and witnesses say erratic driving, when he allegedly sideswiped several cars on South Main Street, leaving a trail of debris.

“I saw a vehicle coming around the corner driving kind of erratic and smashed into three cars, one, two, three, bam, bam,” said a witness who works at a nearby restaurant and did not want to be identified. Continue reading here…

Finally, we resume, that before starting a car after a couple of glasses of wine or cocktail, it is necessary to remember, that the lowest dose of alcohol can be fatal and irreversible, and that’s why it is better to use professional driver services or professional car accident attorney services.

The next video demonstrates the possible risks of drunk driving.

If you are in a trouble with drunk driving accident injuries, it is better to apply for the professional help.

Hope the provided materials were helpful for you. Drink responsibly!