If you are involved in a legal issue, you have probably come to the conclusion that it is too difficult to handle it on your own. If you have the financial means, you should probably consider hiring an experienced and reputable lawyer. But the real question here is – How to find the most reputable Lawyers Melbourne?


For starters, remember that while hiring a lawyer is not the same as buying, say,  a new TV, it is similar to a certain extent. For one thing, when buying a new TV, you probably won’t purchase the first one you see. You will probably look first for reviews and impressions of other customers and proceed by comparing prices, so as to determine which TV will be the best and most appropriate for your budget

A similar approach should be taken when looking for a reputable lawyer, as well. You should also start by going through reviews from various clients and compare the prices of lawyers’ services.


First and foremost, ask about the prices of the legal services, and make sure they fit your budget. Ask the lawyer if they charge a flat rate, on a contingency fee or hourly. Ask for the overall price, as well. Depending on the lawyer’s experience, area of practice and the location of the practice, the fees can substantially vary. In most cases, a lawyer’s hourly cost can range between $150 and $400 per hour. Flat fees usually depend on the type and the nature of the case. Minor criminal cases, simple divorces and bankruptcies are usually in excess of $400. Contingency cases are especially common when it comes to Personal Injury Lawyers, and they are usually 33% of the recovered amount. However, they can range from 20% to 40%.

Do not forget that it is important to spend some time shopping around. Also, do not assume that one lawyer’s quote is the norm, or that you will not be able to find a cheaper lawyer. Remember to always ask for free consultations and do not hesitate to negotiate the costs. Given how strong the lawyer competition is these days, let them compete.


Make sure to ask whether your lawyer has experience with cases similar to yours or in the same legal field. If they had, do not forget to ask them about their case records and previous successes and failures. The price of some lawyers’ services can be greatly affected by their previous experiences. Also, make sure not to make the mistake of hiring the wrong lawyer. Always ask the lawyers what their expertise is. If you have a family matter legal issue, pay attention and look for Lawyers for Family matters. If you have a personal injury case, make sure to look for a lawyer that specializes in Injury Law, and so on.


Last, but not least, try to get to know a lawyer as a person. There are a good number of lawyers out there that have a rather poor reputation. You’ll definitely want to avoid those who are hard to get a hold of and who are known to quickly get into quarrels. Always remember that the best lawyer is the one who is reliable, compassionate, trustworthy and a good listener.

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